arvo vercamerArvo Vercamer is een Amerikaan die afstamt van Gustav Vercamer. Hoe Gustav familie is van de stamboom Vercamer Remi-Maria Goetry, is nog niet duidelijk. Het kan dat het een broer was van Remi Vercamer, of een neef. Om Arvo wat meer te situreren, een citaat uit een mailtje dat hij stuurde naar Stijn Vercamer:

‘My grandfather, Gustav Vercamer, sang with the State Opera in Antwerp, and was knighted by the King of Belgium. My grandmother, Yvonne, was active in the resistance during WWII, and received a certificate of appreciation from a Jewish organization for her work. After the war, she worked for GM for many years. My father, Robert, came to the US to get his degree in Chemistry at the University of Washington, and worked for bothe Pfizer and Avon. He’s now retired and lives in München with his second wife. Hopefully if you ask some family members, these few snippets will ring a bell to someone, and we might find a connection. I myself am American born, to my Belgian father and Estonian mother (hence the name ‘Arvo’). I also attended the University of Washington. I worked for many years for the US government, both with the US Army, and the CIA. Now I am in the private sector, in the market and competitive intelligence field. I am married with 3 kids, my oldest is now exploring options for university himself, as he will be in his last year of high school this fall.’